Our planned litters - Hungarian vizsla puppies for sale


We plan puppies for spring 2018 

Dam: Angel Weleschin 

You can contact us  hana.netikova@gmail.com


Puppies from our kennel would be raised in our home, under the supervision of almost 24 hours a day, and balanced properly fed and pampered :)

I′m sure most of you have heard that this big dog is not suitable to live in flat. But vizsla needs very close contact with his master and keeping vizsla outside at the garden is not the best for him. Vizsla is happiest at home, and some lucky ones even shares bed with his owner :)

We will take care about mums as well as the puppies and Believe me, we go to the vet with every small fart :) If the weather would be fine the puppies will move outside to enjoy the garden, smells and the sun.

Mums are fed pellets by Champion Petfood - Acana and Orijen. We also reccomend it for your puppy.

Number of visits will be unlimited and we look forward to every your question. 

We expect clear and often communication with new owner. We want to know how puppy grows, what he knows and if there are any problems. We welcome owners who wants to show and train the puppy. We are also planning regular meeting and we hope that you will be a part of our new rusty family.

maďarský ohař na prodej

The puppy will be ready with purchase agreement, an international vaccination certificate, pedigree, puppy manual, feeding for one week, toys, which will be perfumed by mother and brothers and sisteres. Puppies will be vaccinated, dewormed  and tattooed. If you will move the puppy outside the Czech Republic the puppy has to be microchipped.

Coco Lotte kennel - Hungarian shorthaired vizsla kennel

      samolepka na auto maďarský ohař