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Next litter is planned by dam Angel Weleschin.

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 Our Stud dogs

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Last litter :

Hungarian vizsla for sale


5.12.1015 IDS Wels /AU

Judge: Jakkel Tamas

Baxy Foxy Lady Coco Lotte -puppy class - Very promising 1 

4.12.2015 NDS Swiebodzice /PL

judge: Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska

Billion Dollars Coco Lotte - Puppy class - Very Promising 1, Best puppy

Adorability Coco Lotte - open class - Exc. 1, CWC

Angel Weleschin - working class - Exc.3

1.11.2015  IDS Praha 

judge: Havelka T.

Aplaus Coco Lotte - Exc2

24.10.2015 IDS Bratislava /SK

judge: Navrátil P.

Basic Instinct Coco Lotte - Promising 1

17.-18.10.2015 CACT Universal working test

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - CACT universal working test - Ist prize, 434 points!

Awesome, amazing, best girls ever :)

10.10.2015 IDS České Budějovice /CZ

judge: Václavím M. /CZ

Birdlife Inspector - Very promising 1

26.9.2015 Lots of tests

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - Forest test - I.prize, 2nd place

Aspect Coco Lotte - Autumn field and water test - I.prize, 5-6th place

Aplaus Coco Lotte - Basic ability test - I.prize, 3rd place

1.8.2015 Water test

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - I.prize 96p/100p

18.7.2015 NDS Mladá Boleslav /CZE

judge: Nehyba Oldřich /CZE

Abstract "Teo" Coco Lotte - Working class - Exc.1 CAC - NEW CZECH CHAMPION OF BEAUTY

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - Working class - Exc. 1 CAC

Adorability Coco Lotte - Open Class - Exc. 2 , res. CAC :)

31.5.2015 IDS Leszno /PL

judge: Dorota Witkowska / PL

Celestýna z Králova dvora - open class - Exc1/2

Angel Weleschin - working class - Exc1, CWC, CACIB, BOS

23.5.2015 IDS Litoměřice 

judge: Kunfalvi Hana

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - working class - Exc. 2, res. CAC

10.5.2015 Field and water test

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - I.prize, 284 points, 4th place!

Awesome! Thank you, girls!

25.4.2015 IDS České Budějovice /CZ

judge: Vlasák Václav / CZ

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - working class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Czech Champion candidate

Aira Zrzavé štěstí - open class - V1, CAC, CZECH CHAMPION

2.4.2015 Litter B was born

We have 7 boys and 2 girls. They are full of life.



We mated Baxy and  Celestýnka  

 We have PREGNANCY CONFIRMED. Litter B should be ready to new homes at the end of May, Litter C was not lucky so we change our plans for spring 2016 :)

You can make a reservation of your new puppy :) About our breeding you can read there .



5.4.2015 Our A litter is 2 years old today!!!

Happy birthday honies!!!

7.2.2015 IDS Brno /CZ

Argument Coco Lotte - open class - Exc.2

judge: W.Burski /PL

3.1.2015 NDS Brno /CZ

judge: Fr.Šiměk/CZ

Argument Coco Lotte - open class - Exc.2

Adorability Coco Lotte - open class - Exc.1

Our friends 

Aira Zrzavé štěstí - intermediate class - Exc.3/7

Weimaraner Daphné Shefis - champion class - Exc.1 CAC /4

PF 2015

happy new year

We plan puppies!

We plan 2 litters of puppies for spring and summer 2015.

6.12.2014 New HD test results

Angel Weleschin - HD A

Celestýna z Králova dvora - HD A/B

Both bitches fullfiled conditions to be a breeding bitch.

1.-2.11.2014 DUOCACIB Praha /CZ


judge Jana Janek /SK

Abstract Coco Lotte - open class - Exc. 4/6

Adorability Coco Lotte - open class - Exc. 1, CAC/6


judge Angie McCarry Carrol /IRL

Abstract Coco Lotte - open class - Exc.1, CAC/5

New Czech Champion candidate

magyar vizsla     hungarian vizsla   vyzsla  abstract adorability coco lotte

18.10.2014 Autumn Field test

OMS Hradec Králové

Celestýna z Králova dvora - I.prize, 258p, 5th place, nose 4 :)

28.9.2014 IDS Wroclaw / PL

judge Eva Szeliga-Szeremeta / PL

Adorability Coco Lotte - intermediate class - Exc.2, res. CACIB

Celestýna z Králova dvora - open class - Exc. 2

27.9.2014 NDS Brno / CZ

judge: Muller, L. / CZ

Argument Coco Lotte - intermediate class - Exc.1 

27.9.2014 Ability test

Basic hunting ability test in "OMS Rychnov nad Kněžnou"

Celestýna z Králova dvora - I.prize, 218p, 2.místo, nose grade 4, pointing grade 4

20.9.2014 Autumn field test

Autumn field and water test 

Celestýna z Králova dvora - not lucky

Angel Weleschin - I.prize, 278p, 2nd place, nose grade 4, pointing grade 4

Baxy Vlčí hrdlo - I.prize, 270p a 1st place (different place of test) nose grade 4, pointing grade 4 NEW BREEDING BITCH

20.9.2014 IDS České Budějovice / CZ

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - intermediate class -Exc.3

30.8.2014 IDS Mladá Boleslav / CZ 

Judge: Kuplyauskas Eugeny / RU

Adorability Coco Lotte - intermediate class - Exc. 1, CAC, res.CACIB
Celestýna z Králova dvora - open class - VG4
Angel Weleschin - working class - Exc. 2, res. CAC

19.7.2014 NDS Mladá Boleslav /CZ

Adorability Coco Lotte - intermediate class - Exc2, res. CAC  

Aplaus Coco Lotte - intermediate class - Exc2, res. CAC - his first dog show :)

judge: Václav Vlasák (CZ)

1.7.2014 Abstract Coco Lotte "TEO" 

He is DKK 0/0 - HD A!!!! 

Super! Congratulations to owners and big THANK YOU :) We are really happy about it.

2.6.2014 IDS Leszno /PL


judge: Tadeusz Chwalny (PL)

Adorability Coco Lotte - young class - Exc.1, CAJC - JUNIOR CHAMPION of POLAND

Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - třída šampionů - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION OF BEAUTY

25.5.2014 NDS Swiebodzice /PL

judge: Laura Cox

Adorability Coco Lotte -young class - Exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ,  BOS

Celestýna z Králova dvora - open class - Very good

25.5.2014 Basic hunting field test

10.5.2014 Angel Weleschin - I. prize 218 points

17.5.2014 Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - I.prize 215 points, 3rd place!!!! 

25.5.2014 Abstract Coco Lotte - I.prize 211 points

Thank you! You are my stars :)

27.4.2014 IDS OPOLE /PL - New Champion of Poland

judge: Witkowska Dorota

Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - champion class - Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB - new CHAMPION OF POLAND

Adorability Coco Lotte - junior class - Exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS! 

5.4.2014 "A" Litter is one year old today!

Happy Birthday my honies and THANKs to the OWNERS :)

22.-23.2.2014 DUOCACIB Brno

22.2.2014 MVP Brno - mr. Stanovský /SK

Abstract Coco Lotte - junior class - Exc.2

23.2.2014 MVP Brno - mr. Jursa /SK

Argument Coco Lotte - junior class - Exc.3

Ailey Princess Coco Lotte - junior class - Exc.2



14.-15.12.2013 IDS Kyiv

14.12.2013 - 15.12.2013
2x IDS KYIV - 2x Very Promising 1, 2x BEST PUPPY
Judge: Tatyana Shyyan (Ukraine), Boris Spoljaric (Croatia)

29th November 2013 NDS Swiebodzice in Poland

29.11.2013 NDS Swiebodzice PL

judge: Václavík Miroslav (CZE)

Argument Coco Lotte - his first show, puppy class, Very promising 1
Adorability Coco Lotte - puppy class, Very promising 1, BEST PUPPY
Angel Weleschin - puppy class, Very promising 2
Celestýna z Králova dvora - intermediate class, Excellent 1, CWC, Best bitch
Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - working class, Excellent 1, CWC

2.-3rd November 2013 IDS Duocacib Praha - New Champions

2.11.2013 IDS DUOCACIB Praha
judge: Ing. Jozef Jursa (SK)
Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - champion class, Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB
Cream Icecream C9H13NO3 - open class, Exc. 1, CAC
Adorability Coco Lotte - puppy class, Very Promissing 1

3.11.2013 IDS DUOCACIB Praha
judge: Ing. Lenka Fialová (CZE)
Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - champion class, Exc. 2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
Cream Icecrema C9H13NO3 - open class, Exc. 1, CAC

Coco Princess and Cream Icecream are NEW CHAMPIONS OF CZECH REPUBLIC


27th October 2013 IDS Hannover

Absolut Coco Lotte - Youngiest class, Verry promissing 1

26th October 2013 Blood test

Coco Princess C9H13NO3 - Blood test II.prize

13th October 2013 CDS Langlingen

Absolut Coco Lotte - Youngiest class, Promising

8th September 2013 IDS Zhytomyr 

Asistent Coco Lotte - Baby class, Very promising 1, Best baby

10th August 2013 Special club show Zákupy

Adorability Coco Lotte - very promising 1

18th June 2013 All puppies are in new homes

All our puppies are in new lovely homes. New owners care about them as much as they can and we are all so happy :) 

Have a nice life, darlings! 

5th April 2013 We have our litter "A" Coco Lotte

We have 6 boys and 2 girls! :) Coco is doing very well, puppies also :) 

More in section Litter "A"


41st day of pregnancy                                          48th day of pregnancy                                      55th day

coco lotte piszkei dicso puppies for sale

27.2.2013 Pregnancy CONFIRMED!!!! We are waiting for puppies <3


5.2.2013 WE MATED

More in Puppy section ;) Click HERE

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26.1.2013 Wintershow Trenčín SK - CACIB, BOB + Champion of Slovakia 

Wow! We did it! 


27.12.2012 PF 2013

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

30.11.2012 National dog show Swiebodzice in Poland - candidate Champion of Poland

Coco Princess C9H13NO3 has got Excellent 1 and title CWC. We are very happy  :) Coco is now candidate Champion of Poland, Czech and Slovak. Hope we will finish it during next show season :)

24.11.2012 Our first hunt! 

We have been participated our first hunt in Křinice. Thank them very much for the opportunity to be part of the hunt and try to manage it all :) We received a document which says that Me and Coco are the best of helping hunters ;) We are looking forward to more hunts in our neighborhood :)

20.11.2012 Our new presentation of our kennel and breeding bitch Coco Princess


9.11.2012 Coco Lotte kennel

Today we received a letter of recognition kennel name. We are very happy and we hope that we will be one day succeed in breeding :)

Coco Lotte kennel has a new FB fanpage:

3.-4.11.2012 Duocacib Praha - Exc. 3 and Exc. 1, CAC, Res. CACIB :)

We got Exc. 3 and Exc. 1, CAC and Res. CACIB. Our sister Cream Icecream has 2x Res. CAC. Sister Company Identity got Exc. 1, CAC, Res. CACIB and Very good. 

28.10.2012 Stud dog Amor C9H13NO3

Our older brother is a stud dog! He is waiting for some nice bitches who will love him :) He is quite clever and excellent at the shows!

19.-21.10.2012 We´ve had the best weekend ever!!!

This weekend we had a great visitors! Our sisters Cream Icecream and Company Identity C9H13NO3 had come to see us and have same training. It was such a wonderfull spent time ever. They are beautifull and so much excited to retrieving. 

29.9-30.9.2012 Bailey is a breeding bitch, Field test, IDS Wroclaw and our fathes Succes!

We had a very busy weekend!
Bailey has successfully completed the autumn tests and fulfilled the conditions for breeding. She won  1st place in junior class in Wroclaw and fulfilled the conditions for grantingPolish Junior Champion.

Dad D´Hunter z Vodného mlyna has been competiting on a very difficult Memorial Karla Podhájského and finished in second place! We are very proud of him!

1.9.2012 Our first hunt for ducks!!!!

For the first time we participated in a traditional hunt for ducks. Bailey showed great job. She retrieved 5 of 8 shooted from the water. Rest of them retrieved another 3 dogs. Bailey found and retrieved ducks very fast, cheerful and exemplary. I was proud of her. We both enjoyed it greatly.

30.8.2012 D´Hunter z Vodného mlyna - Working Champion SK, International working champion (CIT) and International champion cumulative (CITB)!!!!

Our dad fulfilled conditions for the title Working Champion of Slovak Republic, also became International Champion of work and he got a very rare title of International Champion cumulative!! We are very proud of him and I hope that we have inherited a bit and also will work like him ;)

   Hunter šampion

25.9.2012 IDS Mladá Boleslav - Cream Icecream C9H13NO3 Ecx.1,CAC! 

I knew that we should be in the same class with our sister at IDS in Mladá Boleslav. I decided that we will not compete and I wished her to win the class and show herself. She did! Our sister was the first one and won her first title. Cream Icecream C9H13NO3 is a beautiful bitch and I am looking forward to her next success!

I would like to represent you our new friend Edro z Mešinské hájovny who is living in our city Broumov. He is 4 months old and his mather is Gaila z Panských lesů and father is Pitypang Magnas. I will show him at International dog show in Prague in his 6 months. 

Cream Icecream  Cream Icecream  Edro z Mesinske hajovny

                 Cream Icecream C9H13NO3 "Lili"                           Intermediate class Exc.1, CAC                          Edro z Mešinské hájovny 4. months

18.-19.8.2012 Duodanube Bratislava - 2x Excellent 1, CAC! Waiting for SK Champion ;)

Coco Princess C9H13NO3 has been 2x Excellent 1, CAC in intermediate class. We have to get one more CAC next year to be Slovak Champion :) 

Coco Princess C9H13NO3    Coco Princess C9H13NO3

11.8.2012 Special Dog Show Zákupy - Excellent 1, CAC!!!

Coco Princess    

7.8.2012 In breeding kennel Garamparty in Slovakia is one more puppy for sale! 

Father: D´Hunter z Vodného mlyna - ICH - C.I.B, C.I.E., 14 working test, (12 x I.price, 5 x Winner) 2 x CACT, 2 x RES.CACT, 2x RES.CACIT, 1 x CACIT. 
HD A/A!!!

Mother: Bea Garamparty – Excellent, RES, CAC, 
Skúšky: SVS I.c., JSS I.c., ChSPL, HD A/A

Contact: Jozef Stribik 0908 739 765, Slovakia



30.6.2012 Coco Princess C9H13NO3 is JUNIOR CHAMPION CZ!!!! BOJ (JBOB) again :) 

23.6.2012 IDS Intercanis Brno - Bailey got her first BOB! :)